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Achieving Effective and Efficient Marketing Through a Technologically Optimised Setup

Combining strategic analysis with expert recommendations and insights is the only method of turning the possession of data into a competitive advantage.

Utilise our Marketing Technology Know-How
Due to our expertise in SEA, SEO and CM, we fully understand the requirements of various automation tools.

Locate the Best Leverage Points
Through link data collection, analysis and conversion optimisation to achieve maximum impact.

Save on IT Resources
By allowing our 10-strong team of programmers with different focuses support the realisation of your solutions.

We can develop solutions with you in the following areas:

Achieve Marketing Goals and Make Better Use of Your Capacities

Through our high-performance solutions, we not only improve the evaluation of your marketing channels, but we automate redundant and complex processes so that your marketing team can prioritise more important tasks. The improved quantity and quality of your data in combination with a clear, visual presentation of your enhanced marketing operations supports you in achieving your goals.

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Steffen Bath

Head of Marketing Technology & CRO

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Google BigQuery & Data Studio

Profitable evaluation and preparation of large amounts of relevant data

Tracking & Analytics

Better understanding of user behaviour, increasing the targeted optimisation of a website

Adword Scripting

Better performance and safer monitoring through automation via scripts

Our four strengths to promote increased efficiency and sales:

Data-Focused Optimisation:
Tracking & Analytics

Do you want to optimise your business metrics and gain a complete overview of your individual marketing channels?

We conceptualise a tracking and data analysis strategy to support your objectives. We do this by measuring the interactions on your website and linking these values to, for example, the data from your CRM in Google Analytics. By gaining a comprehensive overview, you can use your existing data to locate the most beneficial leverage points to successfully carry out your targeted optimisations.

Increase in Turnover & ROI:
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We analyse the needs and behaviour of your target group in order to optimise your website based on psychological principles.

After identifying the best leverage points, we develop an appropriate optimisation strategy to cater for your needs. By providing you with first-class consultancy and creating conversion-optimised designs and successful A/B test variants, we can increase your conversion rate in the long-term, and thus your ROI.

Automated Monitoring:
AdWords Scripting

With our Google AdWords scripts, you can automate time-consuming processes and benefit from a central monitoring tool that verifies the correct delivery of your ads.

The “Anomaly Detector” and “Common Pitfalls” immediately show you when and where action is needed through their intuitive dashboards. The “GEO-Bidder” dynamically sets bid adjustments in accordance to the performance of a specified region so as to increase ad profitability.

Consequently, you can improve performance indicators such as ROAS or CPA while simultaneously keeping an eye on the correct placement of your AdWords campaigns.

Use Big Data Efficiently:
Google BigQuery & Data Studio

Our interdisciplinary team will create personalised solutions so that you can take advantage of the pot of gold that is “big data”. Often, time and resources prevent data-based optimisation. We supplement your internal capacities in order to evaluate large amounts of data for meaningful optimisation.

From detailed close-ups to a bird’s-eye-view, with big data, all perspectives are possible. To keep stakeholders well-informed, we aid the visualisation of meaningful data through utilisation of the “Google Data Studio” tool.