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    Organic Search Snacks: Google’s SEO, EU AI Act, direct links in reels


    1. Google Focus: Updates from the SEO area
    2. The EU AI Act – groundbreaking AI regulation
    3. Next stop: Innovation! Direct links in Reels

    Google Focus: Updates from the SEO area

    We take a look at the latest SEO updates from Google. Here you will find a summary of the new tips, innovations and updates in the field of SEO marketing.

    #1 Google clears up supposed ranking tips for helpful content

    Google’s Danny Sullivan emphasises that adding elements such as tables of contents or expert statements created solely for Google will not cause a website to rise in the rankings. Rather, changes to websites should aim to provide a positive experience for users rather than simply meeting Google’s requirements. Google’s ranking system focuses on providing satisfying content for users rather than just what Google likes. Optimising content solely for search engines is strongly discouraged. The quality of the content and the user experience are crucial for better positioning in search results. Sullivan provides feedback on the quality of search results but has no direct control over which pages ultimately appear in search results. An outstanding user experience is critical to winning over both users and Google’s ranking algorithms.

    #2 Google announces new search features for Europe 

    New carousel rich results are now available for travel, local and shopping searches. The rollout starts with tests for shopping queries first in DTL. New aggregation units will be introduced for websites that aggregate locations, job portals, flight bookings and products.There are also new optimization chips to help users focus their search results on specific aggregators.A fresh user interface for flight queries will be introduced, including a new unit for airline and flight booking websites and enhanced rich search results.

    #3 Ongoing Google Core Update: momentum on the search results pages is picking up again

    Since March 26, there has been increased momentum on Google search results pages, possibly due to the ongoing Core Update, which began on March 5. The spam update was completed on March 20, while the core update is expected to last until next week. Ranking trackers such as SEMrush Sensor, RankRanger and cognitiveSEO are seeing an increase in momentum on the search results pages. In the WebmasterWorld forum, there are reports of significant changes in search traffic for some websites, both positive and negative. There is no clear link between the ongoing Google update and the changes observed on search results pages, however Google has stated that the March Core Update may have a more significant impact than other updates.

    The EU AI Act – Pioneering AI Regulation

    On March 13, the European Parliament passed the world’s first comprehensive AI legislation, the AI Act, by a large majority. The goal of the law is to protect citizens’ rights while simultaneously encouraging innovations in artificial intelligence (AI).

    Key Highlights of the AI Act

    • Risk-Based Classification: AI applications are categorised into four risk levels, depending on their potential risk. This classification dictates the requirements that developers and users of AI systems must meet.
    • Prohibited Uses: Certain uses, like indiscriminate collection of facial images, are banned. Strictly regulated exceptions, such as law enforcement agencies searching for missing persons, require judicial approval.
    • Transparency Requirements: The use of data for training AI models and the labelling of AI-processed media must be disclosed.

    Next stop: Innovation! Direct links in Reels

    New on Instagram: With the new link function in Reels, Instagram now offers its creators the opportunity to point to additional content. Brands can use this option to specifically highlight their products. This function also opens up new potential for influencer marketing. The option to include a link directly in the reel was eagerly awaited by Instagram creators. However, the feature is currently only available to a limited number of users. Furthermore, it is not possible to link to content outside of the platform with this link.

    Discover the new link-in-reels feature: A tool to increase your visibility and share additional content

    Instagram is currently testing a new feature that allows reel creators to direct their viewers to additional content. By inserting a link directly into the reel, creators can draw attention to their own content, which is presented in the format of Story Highlights. This could include useful how-tos, exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, or even information about their own products.

    For brands, this function offers the possibility of directing viewers to product presentations in story format via a link in a reel. This approach opens up new ways of communicating products and addressing customers.

    This feature can also serve as an effective tool in influencer marketing. Creators who refer to third-party products in their story highlights can now link directly to this content via a reel, which ideally attracts a lot of attention. This offers brands a valuable opportunity to increase their reach and visibility.


    Madita – SEO Managerin bei Peak Ace


    is SEO Manager at Peak Ace. She has been with the company since 2023 and works in the Berlin office. She joined the Organic Search Team in September 2023 and is dedicated to many SEO topics.