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    Peak Ace AG. Leuschnerdamm 13, 10999 Berlin | Telephone: +49 (0)30 – 832 117 790

    Search Engine Optimisation 

    Generate organic traffic

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    Peak Ace stands for successful and sustainable search engine optimisation.

    To ensure that you are in a strong position regarding the future of SEO for topics such as algorithmic changes, mobile usability or the loading speed of your domain, we, with our expertise and know-how, are a strong partner at your side. Whether it’s with the relaunch of your domain, a demanding technical audit or the creation of high-quality SEO content, we are happy to support you.

    More success with professional SEO

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    SEO audits

    SEO audits

    A domain’s status quo should be considered before optimisation work begins. As part of our comprehensive audit process, we create an optimal inventory that serves as the basis for the formation of your SEO strategy. At the beginning of our audit we hold a joint kick-off meeting to discuss ideas, objectives and the time frame. Afterwards, our team starts with in-depth analyses. In addition to structural and technical issues, we also pay special attention to the page speed and mobile usability of your domain. The SEO audit results in a comprehensive and prioritised catalogue of measures that shows the domain’s weak points and optimisation potential. During the subsequent implementation of our proposed measures, we are of course available to discuss queries or for monitoring. If desired, the results of the analysis can also be discussed with the customer directly on site. We will be happy to provide you with further advice after the audit and assist you with the technical implementation.

    Long-term support

    Long-term support

    Do you need long-term support or complementary experts for your in-house team? Our team is happy to support you! In our joint launch, we determine the focus and goals of the cooperation and will exchange views on topics such as your goals and the expectations. In addition, we enquire about previously implemented and further planned advertising measures, existing competitors on the market, the customer’s unique selling propositions and customer-specific features.

    We then develop your strategy with you and put the identified measures on a roadmap, while monitoring the development of your domain with regard to your goals based on our implemented measures. You can track the progress and growth of your domain in a monthly report. As part of our long-term support, we of course set up pathways for regular information exchange, so that the process is as efficient as possible for both sides.

    Technical SEO & structural analysis

    Technical SEO & structural analysis

    To have a real competitive advantage and achieve strong rankings, a domain should have a high technical level. Because all optimisation measures are of little use if the foundation is not right. Our SEO experts will help you create a solid, technical framework. We analyse your domain with regard to the currently important ranking factors, make clear recommendations for action and, if desired, accompany their technical implementation. This way, they are best prepared for possible algorithm changes and updates.

    Semantic optimisation

    Semantic optimisation

    Not all keywords have been the same for a long time now. This is because the way in which your customers search has changed. The distinction between informative and transactional keywords alone is already a major challenge for many website operators, and while people used to optimise for traffic on almost all keywords, the challenges of keyword research today are different. After all, the search algorithms have years of experience in evaluating keywords, topics and texts, and the user has become more selective in their search. As a result, it is even more important to pay attention to the selection of keywords with the appropriate search intention when creating content today, and to offer the user the best possible content proposal for their search query in order to keep them on the page. We are happy to help you create the right keyword strategy for your domain.

    Page speed optimisation

    Page speed optimisation

    A ranking factor that has gained importance in recent years is page speed. Long loading times are an irritating issue, especially for users. Due to the steadily increasing share of mobile traffic, it is therefore particularly important to optimise for speed in order to not lose users through unnecessarily long loading times. Google also places particularly high value on high-performing pages with its strong evaluation of Core Web Vitals and rates these better than poorly performing variants. Therefore, optimising the loading speed is essential for a professional SEO strategy today. We are happy to help you with this!

    Authority building and risk management

    Authority building and risk management

    In order to be able to rank in the top positions on Google and other search engines, relevant and high-quality links are still of great importance today. With our unique content marketing campaigns and digital PR tactics, we generate media coverage and brand mentions of your website, creating reach and increased domain and brand authority that gives you a real competitive advantage.

    As part of our link risk management, we carry out a detailed risk assessment based on your backlink profile. Here, all existing links are checked for certain patterns and quality characteristics and individually evaluated as to whether they are a “good” or “bad” link. If, based on the current link profile, there is an increased risk of negative effects following spam updates, for example, we will help you find the right strategy.


    In addition to our dedication and expertise, it is our trusting partnerships in the industry that allow us to reach our full and impressive potential.

    Why work with Peak Ace?


    With our many years of experience in the industry and our extensive know-how, we develop campaigns for our clients that have earned us worldwide recognition and awards.

    Transparency & fairness

    We see ourselves as partners not service providers and aim to grow with our clients. We always seek challenges and innovations in our projects.

    International teams

    We realise campaigns in over 25 languages at native-speaker level and reach audiences all over the world. We proactively take on new projects with our international team.

    Your results with Peak Ace

    Save time and money

    Efficient advertising measures take a lot of time. That’s why we take over your SEA campaigns, letting you fully concentrate on your core business, and continuously optimise your campaigns and your advertising budget for you. This saves you money for other advertising measures – and since you no longer have to take care of campaign management yourself, you'll be able to save time and personnel costs too!

    More visitors and conversions

    Continuously optimising and expanding your campaigns and keyword portfolio can help you reach more visitors and direct them to your website. Since we operate all our measures with a special focus on performance, we also pay close attention to the quality of the users who reach your site. Only qualified visitors will automatically increase your conversions!

    This is how we work

    With our comprehensive SEO support, you are in the best possible position:
    1. Inventory
    2. List of measures
    3. Strategy development
    4. Structural & technical optimisation
    5. Monitoring
    6. Link profile analysis
    7. Link building
    8. Link risk management

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