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Delivering Performance

Established in 2007, Peak Ace AG is an international performance marketing agency headquartered in Berlin, Germany. With over 210 employees across its offices in Berlin, Leipzig, Paris and Nantes, Peak Ace implements campaigns in over 25 languages at native speaker level.

Peak Ace’s core business is performance marketing which includes services in paid advertising, organic search (SEO), content marketing and marketing technologies such as conversion rate optimisation and digital analytics.

We are: Open, honest, humane, appreciative, responsible, reliable, principled, passionate, creative, authentic, cooperative, helpful, courageous, dynamic, successful, specialised, design-loving, efficient, quantifiable, professional, transparent, results-oriented, individual, structured, technology-driven, progressive, independent, politically neutral, economical, supportive, sustainable, modern, international – a team.

Competent and
Collaborative Communication!

Respectful, honest relationships are important to us, which is why we prioritise open and direct communication. We set the right tone with our proactive and transparent approach - both internally and in communication with our customers and partners.

Regular feedback

Team leads and employees sit together, ensuring optimal engagement and shorter communication channels.

Open & proactive

If we are not completely satisfied with our performance, we communicate this openly and proactively with our client. Thus, errors are transparently rectified on a case-by-case basis.

Transparent reporting

Transparent and effective reporting makes each project visible to the customer.

Internal newsletters

Our internal newsletters keep everyone up-to-date with important news and information.

Continual feedback meetings

Campaign developments are regularly discussed in our frequent feedback meetings.

Company-wide meetings

Each team regularly prepares a short presentation as part of a company-wide meeting in order to share their success stories and goals with other departments.

Project debriefing

Project debriefing: we discuss everything we learnt from a project in a constructive, focused manner.

We deliver
excellent results!

Due to our results-orientated objectives and value-added approach, we consistently deliver quantifiable, first-class results. Where standards are concerned, we set the bar.

Qualifications and certifications

Our expertise and know-how is reinforced by certified external qualifications and certifications (i.e. Google and Searchmetrics).

Internal quality guidelines

If something doesn’t correspond to our internal quality guidelines, we will gladly allocate additional project hours to your account to achieve the desired result.

Numerous awards

An assortment of accolades such as the European Search and the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards, as well as various nominations demonstrate that we constantly deliver outstanding results.

Peak Ace Academy

We continue to educate our teams internally through the Peak Ace Academy. Using a competency matrix, we identify progress areas that would benefit from extra training.

In the interests of our customers,
we act in a fair and transparent manner.

Meeting the needs of our customers is our primary goal. We achieve this through partnership and individual collaboration - transparency and authenticity are our corporate foundations.


With the help of worklogs, working hours are automatically documented for each project.

Client time log

In order to maintain a clear overview of customers, projects and efficiency, we utilise client time logs to track our working hours.

Detailed offers

At the beginning of every collaboration we create a transparent, highly specific detailed offer, tailored to individual customer needs.

Detailed reports

Highly detailed reports help our customers assess and evaluate the overall performance of a campaign.

Individual contractual agreements

If a customer no longer requires our services either in general or for a limited time, they can benefit from flexible contract lengths in addition to optimal terms and cancelation periods.

We work
individually and collectively, with ease.

Constructive and genuine interpersonal relationships form the bedrock of work satisfaction. Our flat hierarchies and our respectful work ethic engenders creativity and autonomy throughout the company.

Brainstorms and meetings

During brainstorms and meetings, everyone’s opinion is valued – from trainees to senior managers.

Open communication

We communicate openly, forming clear goals both internally and with our customers. All employees have a high degree of self-responsibility, allowing them to work dynamically on each project.

New challenges

We like taking on new challenges: early on, new employees take on full responsibility for their own projects under the guidance of an experienced colleague.

Mentoring program

Our mentoring programme allocates a new employee to an experienced Peak Acer who will accompany them every step of the way.


Networking: regular meet-ups, events and after-hours drinks encourages cross-departmental interaction as well as strengthens ties with external guests.

Team events

Regular team events promote team spirit and bonding.

Team leads

Team leads use their senior management experience to coordinate tasks in small groups, utilising the unique abilities of their team members.

We foster authentic
and respectful values.

We value and promote the personal and professional skills of our employees. We communicate within our team as equals but also as role models, employing transparent decision-making processes. Team leads take part in day-to-day operational tasks and train new employees.

Short communication channels

The team leads and employees sit together, which ensures better exchanges and shorter communication channels.

Matrix criteria

Feedback is conducted objectively based on our standardised criteria matrix. We therefore offer all employees the same opportunities for professional development and support.

Overtime regulations

We don’t expect our staff to work overtime but if they do, it is recorded automatically and either paid monthly or rewarded as time off.

Regular feedback

We design a personalised, professional development plan with each individual employee and goals are discussed during regular feedback meetings.


We promote the autonomy of our employees in their area of responsibility.

We support
the individual.

We support structured and individualised employee development. Consequently, advanced training, opportunities for professional growth and optimised internal knowledge transfer are central components of our HR culture.

Promoting young talent

Youth development: we identify employee potential, create individual development plans and consequently train the specialists and leaders of tomorrow.

Peak Ace Academy

We promote the exchange of knowledge and the continuous education of our employees, whether through our own Peak Ace Academy or through external training courses.

Internal seminars / training

In our internal workshops, employees can benefit from the knowledge of their colleagues and immediately apply their new insights to their current projects.


Our employees bring their expertise to the world stage at key international industry conferences, experiencing and shaping innovative digital transformation as both a participant and a speaker.

We live
and breathe transparent practices!

Processes and areas of responsibility are both clearly defined and communicated transparently. We love using our data-driven approach to optimise and automate our processes and operations.

Ticket system

Individually created projects in Jira make it possible to track, to the minute, time spent on each customer campaign, increasing transparency and customer proximity.

Agile dashboards

We work with agile dashboards, such as the project management software Jira, to plan projects.

Latest software solutions

Utilising the latest software solutions, we work company-wide with Confluence, while HR work with Personio and sales with Salesforce, to name but a few.

Onboarding / offboarding processes

A clearly defined onboarding process for clients and employees is just as important to us as a clean offboarding process, which entails precise project transfers and an open exit conversation.

We protect the environment
and promote health.

Maintaining and promoting the health of our employees is of the utmost importance. In addition, we are also committed to supporting our local community and considering the environmental and economic impact of our actions.

Reducing paper waste

We reduce paper waste by signing our contracts digitally rather than printing them off.

Eco-friendly events

Instead of plastic utensils and crockery, we buy recyclable plates for our events that are made from sustainable palm leaves.

Green electricity

We use green electricity that has come from renewable energy sources.

Regional products

Our chef cooks us lunch using only fresh, local produce.

Ergonomic workplace

Our ergonomic workplaces encourage a fit body and an alert mind.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Smart heating

With all our heaters being centrally controlled by an app, our smart heating system ensures less energy consumption in our open-space office.

Local support

We are socially responsible and support local charitable projects.

We are
always striving for more.

In our core areas of technology, service and design, we simply aren’t satisfied with the status quo; we are constantly striving for improvements, optimisations and new solutions. We identify fresh, novel approaches and develop with every challenge.

Video conferences

We hold video conferences (ZOOM) in all conference rooms, whether internal or external.

Technological development

Ten percent of our employees work in technological development.

Innovations and ideas

As we continue to grow, we rely on the innovations and ideas of our small teams and their captains as we forge ahead as a pioneer amidst our peers.

In-house development

Our in-house development team works constantly to ensure automated and streamlined work processes – often using our compatible software solutions, biddy and linkman.