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22 Jul

Peak Ace on Air #49: Cookie-less world with Arnold Bax and Zbigniew Nowicki

Who doesn't love a cookie? Well, when it comes to virtual cookies, the answers is apparently, everybody. Browsers like Safari and Firefox have been blocking third-party cookies already for some time. Google will (eventually) join the club too. What does this mean for advertisers and website owners relying on cookies to analyse visitor behaviour? That's wher

  • Heidi Kärkkäinen
15 Jul

Peak Ace on Air #48: Community building with Nick Eubanks

I personally had high expectations for this episode, and they were definitely met. We were joined by Nick Eubanks, a serial entrepreneur from the States, whose work history will leave you stunned (and wondering why you haven't even managed to do laundry this week...). Nick has co-founded multiple companies and helped even more of them to grow their traffic

  • Heidi Kärkkäinen
14 Jul

Track your Cookie Banner Performance with GTM

Since the EU adopted the GDPR and introduced its corresponding cookie guidelines, using cookie consent banners on your website has become mandatory. A cookie consent banner can help to determine how data can be collected for analysis and thus also for one’s own marketing. It is therefore importan

  • Elena Rettner
13 Jul

Peak Ace takes home 5 Global Search Awards!

Last night was a big one for online marketing awards - and the same can be said for us! We took home 5 2021 Global Search Awards last night, including: Best Use of Search B2C (SEO): Peak Ace & Zava Best Use of Search – B2B (PPC): Peak Ace & Timocom Best Use of Content Marketing: Peak Ace and Zava Best Global Large PPC Agency: Peak Ace

  • Emily Wilson



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