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25 Jan

What does the rise of AI-generated content mean for SEO? 

AI is one of the most exciting topics in SEO right now. From timesaving content AIs to exciting image and video generation, to Google improvements, it really has been the topic on everyone’s lips.   AI has been on our minds at Peak Ace too, as our teams have been testing out tools like Jasper, or most recently ChatGTP for a while now. Mean

  • Emily Wilson
13 Jan

Peak Ace Year in Review 2022

As we wrap up another year at Peak Ace, let’s take a look back at the last twelve months and what we’ve accomplished. 2022 saw major changes at the agency. We officially expanded to launch the Peak Ace brand in France; we signed new clients; continued to raise money for charity; and kept you updated through newsletters along the way.   Intrigued an

  • Emily Wilson
7 Dec

The Great Peak Ace Bake Off: Our Charity Bake Sale

“Peak Ace cake-lovers, assemble!” – These were the words of Peak Ace’s wonderful Head of People and Culture (and star baker) Isabel Stoof on the 26th of October as she announced a very special upcoming event at the Peak Ace offices: our first ever Halloween Charity Bake Sale. Social Responsibility at Peak Ace At Peak Ace we have always been p

  • Emily Wilson
8 Nov

Mental Health Matters at Peak Ace

Did you know that almost half of all employee absences from work due to illness are down to poor mental health? Stress, anxiety and depression are among the most frequent reasons that employees call in sick. This is where International Stress Awareness Week comes in. International Stress Awareness Week was introduced by the Stress Management Association (IS

  • Sarah Terko

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