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26 Nov

Server-Side Tracking Explained

Server-side tracking: Get that data! If you're wondering how to make sure that your ads are seen by the right people to maximise potential conversions, you're in the right place. We all know that the new GDPR rules and the restrictions on targeted advertising have made it more difficult to ensure that your ads are optimised, but there is a solution. W

  • Josephine Parkinson
28 Oct

Peak Ace named Global Large Content Marketing Agency of the Year!

Our awards season has been rounded off by yet another win! Last night, at the Global Content Awards 2021, we were honoured to receive two awards for our content work this year.   Our campaign "Trust me, I'm an online doctor" with our client Zava netted us the award for Global Content Strategy of the Year. We were also delighted to

  • Emily Wilson
19 Oct

Peak Ace Wins 8 European Agency Awards!

We’re so pleased to let you know that Peak Ace won big at the European Agency Awards 2021, taking home 8 different awards!  We won 3 Campaign Awards, including:  Best PPC Campaign with TIMOCOM (Rebuilding Paid Search from Lisbon to Moscow) Best Marketing Campaign with Pool Chlor Shop, TIMOCOM and Zava Best Pan Euro

  • Emily Wilson
6 Oct

Peak Ace takes home 7 Global Marketing Awards!

Have you heard the news? Peak Ace mastered the 2021 Global Marketing Awards night, taking home 7 different awards. We won 5 Campaign Awards, including: Global B2C CampaignPeak Ace & Pool Chlor Shop – Swimming against the COVID-19 TideGlobal eCommerce CampaignPeak Ace & Pool Chlor Shop – Swimming against the COVID-19 TideGlobal He

  • Emily Wilson



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