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    Developments in generative AI tools worth knowing about

    In recent months, we have been following the developments in AI especially for digital marketing and search with an eagle-eye and uncovering real-world uses of AI capabilities and tools for our clients. Our CEO, Bastian Grimm, has already spoken multiple times at conferences on the topic of AI, including at SMX Munich, the OMT Tool Conference, and SEOkomm 2022.  

    Content created with the help of AI technology in particular is possibly one of the most exciting developments for SEOs in the digital marketing industry. In a recent interview with Zeo, Bastian talks through his thoughts on AI-generated content and names some of the tools that we have been testing and using at Peak Ace for a while now.  

    What are your thoughts on content created with AI technology? 

    Overall, I believe that AI is going to significantly impact our (digital) lives moving forward. In content generation specifically, it’s super exciting to see what’s currently possible, but I’m even more excited to see what will potentially happen in this space in the future. 

    From a format perspective, I think (especially given the recent hype with ChatGTP) the most obvious topic is text generation, but we’re practically already far past that. 

    • DALL-E made AI for images a “mainstream” topic and the new April 2022 update, DALL-E 2, changed things significantly again. DALL-E will also become part of Microsoft Office, integrated into the Edge browser. In early November 2022, the eagerly awaited DALL-E API was released as a Public BETA – perhaps proving that we’re in for a boom in 3rd party integrations. But it’s also Google with Imagen as well as others such as the Stable Diffusion AI who are continuing to innovate in this area. 
    • Additionally, a lot is happening with video. Meta has launched “Make-A-Video” video AI and Google is active in this area as well – Imagen video and PHENAKI are two very exciting programs to keep an eye on. However, creating videos is significantly more complex than creating images, because the pixels need to be created correctly and the AI also needs to predict how they will change over time. 
    • Finally, use cases such as audio (especially around voice/speech recognition and content creation) are extremely exciting. If you haven’t done so already, definitely check out VALL-E. 


    Coming back to text content creation once more: What people tend to forget is the fact that AIs don’t write content. There’s a reason why they’re called “generative AI”. Because they do exactly that: they produce (=generate) text content based on previously collected training data. That being said, they can be great tools for research and for speeding up certain steps in a content production workflow. However, you absolutely cannot rely on AI-generated output without human editing (including fact-checking, etc.). 

    Lastly complex topics such as detection (as in, has the content been generated by AI or is it an original piece of content which had been produced by an editor) as well as sustainability, training data bias, and more, are important to understand so you can make decisions accordingly. 

    In 2022, which different digital marketing tools came into your life? 

    Regarding my comment above on AI and content generation, the Peak Ace team has been testing and using a relatively broad variety of AI tools. Most recently we’ve obviously been looking at ChatGTP, but prior to that we’ve also been fairly busy testing tools like these:

    Get more recommendations from top experts 

    You can read all of Bastian’s thoughts, along with those of a number of other industry experts, in ZEO’s 2023 Guide for Digital Marketers. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more immediate assistance with AI and SEO, why not check out 5 SEO AI Tips To Implement Straight Away, where Bastian shares his knowledge on the In Search podcast? 

    AI is the topic on everyone’s lips in the digital marketing industry. The thought of it can be overwhelming. What does it mean for you? What does it mean for the digital landscape in general? Luckily, we are here to help and advise around the topic of AI and how you can make it work for you. Just check out our AI Solutions page today for more information or contact us today. 

    The Peak Ace AI Survival Guide

    Stay up to date with the most recent developments in AI and get insights into how intelligence tools might develop in the future with our expert-authored whitepaper on artificial intelligence. 

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      Emily Wilson

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