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    AI solutions with Peak Ace: unique, efficient and future proof

    Our smart solutions combine expertise and innovation for maximum efficiency

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    Profit from our AI expertise for maximum efficiency increases

    Software based on artificial intelligence (AI) is only as good as the person who is operating and controlling it with a strong strategy and learned competence. We support our clients with AI where it offers the greatest added value at the current stage of development. AI can be used as a tool for speed, data-driven optimisation or better budget efficiency – as well as for intelligently optimising and automating various activities.

    AI, when used correctly, leads to the efficiency gains that companies urgently need to remain competitive in marketing. However, AI can’t do everything alone. The strategic conception, subject-specific deep-dive analyses, budget-oriented prioritisation and quality assurance are, and remain in, the hands of our experts.

    Using AI for higher marketing efficiency

    Data analysis and predictive analytics

    AI-based analyses are proving particularly helpful in practice. Paid advertising, organic search, digital analytics and CRO all benefit from continuous analyses of large data volumes and corresponding predictions of user behaviour.


    The use of AI is extremely useful not only for generating ideas but also for data analyses and translations or localisations. The advantage: projects are realised faster and with more flexibly.

    Increased capacities

    When request volume is high, AI allows for increased performance potential. Just some of the uses of AI-based technologies are in campaign creation or while producing editorial content.


    The use of AI also works well on a creative level. We enrich our idea generation processes with data points from AI tools. This sometimes opens up new perspectives and scope for action.

    Sharing our learnings- with clients and beyond

    We currently work with over 9,000 tools in the MarTech engine room. In terms of AI, in addition to flagships such as ChatGPT, the number of tools that can be used in visual (image/video), speech and data-based predictions is in the three-figures. How do you keep track of them all?

    We help our clients to tackle the current “Paradox of Choice” around AI.
    Inter-departmental exchange

    Our CEO Bastian Grimm is a keynote speaker on the topic of AI. In addition, as an agency we have benefited from extensive contacts in the marketing scene for over 15 years. This promotes continuous conversation and knowledge exchange around artificial intelligence.

    Industry-leading knowledge sharing

    As an agency we are rich in knowledge around the topic of AI, which we’ve earned by working with clients who operate in and across a wide range of industries. As with all elements of marketing, we share our findings and knowledge across industries wherever possible. Through just one quick change, opportunity costs can be avoided, and positive results can be accelerated.

    Prompt optimisation

    ROI in the course of using AI tools follows from using the most effective prompts possible. For this reason, we constantly review and refine our prompts in all departments.

    We attend the most important conferences – in and outside of the industry

    Peak Ace CEO Bastian Grimm at his opening talk at SEOkomm 2022 in Salzburg.

    AI is only as good at the person who manages it: avoiding garbage in, garbage out

    AI in marketing can come against a variety of challenges

    • AI output is only as good as the quality of the training data.
    • AI doesn’t always take data quality into account (e.g., when the sample size is too small).
    • You can’t always take AI at its word, as it has a tendency to misjudge the reliability of facts.
    Specific Large Language Models (LLM) - like ChatGTP – have their own weaknesses

    • LLMs are often based on data that is outdated by the time it’s called into use.
    • Biases in training data can lead to false conclusions and be discriminatory.
    • LLMs are often trained in English, resulting in sub-par quality in other languages.

    This Is how AI is used in our different departments

    Human expertise meets artificial intelligence

    Content & Digital PR

    Content & Digital PR

    Tools supported by AI are already widely used in our Content & Digital PR departments and have had a positive impact on campaign quality. They take on a supporting function in the content marketing and strategy process in almost all stages. For example, AI-supported tools sometimes enable us to process very large volumes of data and studies more accurately. The fact that more complex topics can be recorded more quickly ultimately leads to content that can be tailored more specifically to the target group.

    Organic Search (SEO)

    Organic Search (SEO)

    The use of AI is also an essential component in search engine optimisation. AI enables us to develop and prioritise effective SEO strategies. AI tools accelerate and refine the daily necessary data analyses, support the detection of trending topics and keyword gaps, and help to better exploit technical as well as content-based potentials.

    Automation & CRO

    Marketing Automation & CRO

    In marketing automation and CRO, AI primarily promotes the best possible and most personal user experience with a brand. AI-supported or driven personalisation measures on the website or in marketing campaigns significantly increase the resonance of the content with the target group, have a more persuasive effect and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates, sales and ROIs.

    Digital Analytics

    Digital Analytics

    The detection of anomalies in user behaviour is particularly important in data analytics. The sooner we know that something is wrong, the sooner we can react with optimisation measures. AI predicition functionalities also enable us to recognise special target group segments (including CLTV, conversion/churn probability) and make them usable for marketing measures.

    Paid Search & Paid

    Paid Search & Paid Social

    As a leading performance advertising agency, we use artificial intelligence to optimise and manage our clients’ campaigns. AI also helps us make data-driven decisions, improve targeting and maximise overall performance. By using AI, we not only save time and reduce any costs, but also increase conversion rates for our clients.

    Display & Video

    Display & Video Advertising

    Whether it’s for DV360, Google Ads, or other platforms, we understand how essential AI is in display and video advertising today. By using AI and machine learning, we can accurately identify and effectively target your audiences. In addition, AI can be used to improve ad placement, allowing for better performance and higher ROI. AI also makes it possible to optimise ad design, targeting, and bidding strategies for ad campaigns to achieve the best possible results.

    Case study: Machine Learning with “Biddy”

    Our clients benefit from over 10 years of successfully developed machine learning algorithms. The Google Ads algorithm performed insufficiently for our needs and that, along with missing functions, opened the door for us to develop our own evolutionary machine learning algorithm. Based on data that is updated hourly from Google Ads API, our bid management system “Biddy” has generated better results than the proprietary options from Google Ads for our clients for several years now.

    Statistical Methods

    Evolutionary algorithms

    Linear & multiple regression

    Conversion probability analyses for each n-gram

    Want to know more about AI?

    Our specialist articles focus on AI-specific facets and tools as well as machine learning.
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    Our current favourite AI tools

    DALL•E 2

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