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Use a comprehensive digital analytics strategy as the basis for your marketing decisions to continuously increase your profitability with smart data.

Strategic tracking and in-depth analysis of data are the most important prerequisites for understanding your target group and optimising the marketing methods and design of your website.

Take advantage of the robust strength a professionally integrated digital analytics setup can offer. Optimised data quality and quantity enables you to make better decisions. With professional reports, you can persuade stakeholders to support your choices.

We assist you in all challenges in the field of digital analytics – from the development of initial ideas and improvement of existing setups to the optimisation of your website based upon these concepts.

  • Distinguished experts: with Google certification and cross-industry expertise
  • Holistic optimisation: with our interdisciplinary specialists
  • Relevant practical experience: regarding SEO & SEA problem-solving

Implementation in detail:

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Definition of KPI: the best metrics for your mid and long-term goals

Google Analytics uses several hundred metrics and attributes to evaluate the characteristics and behaviour of a website’s users to improve overall marketing performance. How do you choose which of these attributes and metrics to utilise for your reports?

We work alongside you to ascertain which metrics are the most beneficial for your reporting needs. Using a clear matrix model, we pinpoint the areas where action is needed, both tactically and strategically, reacting dynamically to any immediate deviations and obtaining key figures for long-term business optimisation.

Creation of a tracking approach using refined measured values to generate a holistic overview

The goal of good website analysis is not to evaluate all available data, but to focus on the most important information. With only a few relevant measured values selected, it is possible to effectively create a process in which insights into optimisation lead to profitable outcomes.

Based on your target group, marketing channels and monetisation model, we create a tracking concept that measures all your relevant data. This tracking concept maps where the key interaction points of your target group are on your website, so as to optimise your marketing methods and overall design.

Google Tag Manager: implement software and tracking technology, independently

Help your online marketing department become more autonomous with Google Tag Manager. This enables you to save time by installing online marketing software – independent of IT support.

Alongside integrating popular web analytics tools, Google Tag Manager allows you to add different elements dynamically so you can measure the performance of Google AdWords, for instance.

We will install Google Tag Manager for you and configure it according to your needs, dependent on which tools you wish to implement and what data you want to measure.

Google Analytics 360: powerful enterprise-orientated version for high demand

If you want to measure additional, superior quality data and generate more valuable reports, you’ll reach the limits of the standard Google Analytics package.

With Google’s extended enterprise package, you can benefit from linking natively to other Google marketing tools, as well as applying data-driven attribution for your marketing activities.

We do not only provide you with a tailored quote if you are interested in Google Analytics 360, we can also support you in integrating a fully customised setup for maximum optimisation of extensive data collection and analytical functions.

Telephone tracking: finally capture phone calls in Google Analytics

Do you receive many enquiries or generate sales via telephone but have been unable to find a way to integrate these calls into your marketing operations? Discover what factors influence your target group to make a phone call.

We broaden the capabilities of Google Analytics by supplementing it with the ability to track phone calls. With call quality rating capabilities, you can determine which marketing channel is the most profitable for your phone users. We will measure and evaluate your telephone calls – including service as well as local or international numbers.

Data evaluation and CRO: optimising websites based on data for increased turnover

Finally, complete the data collection and evaluation process through conversion optimisation to transform the resultant findings into economically measurable results.

In conversion rate optimisation, we combine collected data with expert knowledge so as to design websites that identify optimisation potential in the user journey. Subsequently, website design and content is improved, resulting in an increase in turnover and/or success in other goal metrics. This is how you transform your data into a valuable, competitive advantage.


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