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Performance Advertising - The Key to Success

We can help you successfully market your product online by covering all relevant performance channels like Google, Facebook and Bing.

Today’s successful online product marketing is complex and usually begins with performance advertising. Whether with Google, Facebook, Bing or Yandex, our web analysis and expert consulting ensure your success with data-driven, target-based multi channel campaigns.

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Data driven Performance Advertising

Today’s successful online product marketing is complex and usually begins with Performance Advertising. Whether with Google, Facebook or Bing, our web analysis and expert consulting ensure your success with data driven, target based, and multichannel campaigns.

We see Performance Advertising holistically, taking an integrated approach to Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Social Media Advertising (SMA), Product Listing Advertising (PLA), and Mobile Marketing. Your campaigns are tailor-made to fit your product and objectives. Simply stated, our goal is to achieve measurable performance increases while guiding your product marketing to B2B and B2C success.

Our work is characterized by consistent effective use of resources with cost-benefit optimized Bid Management in global advertising campaigns, including targeted bid adjustments in real time.

Display Performance

With Google Display Advertising you can place your ad where your clients will see it. Whether you chose text, pictures or video, we can help you to reach your clients with the right format and on the right platform, be it blogs, social media or mobile. We continuously monitor your campaign’s performance and with our transparent reporting system, you can check in on your campaign at any time. Improve your campaign’s performance through successful Display Performance Advertising with the right message at the right time in the right place.

Product Data Marketing

Nearly half of all online shoppers use product search engines like Google Shopping at some stage in their online shopping experience. All the more important it is to advertise your product on the right platform. We identify the best product search engine for your product and optimize your data feed to the specific requirements of each platform. As usual, we quantify the success of your campaigns and manage them with a performance-led approach. Our intelligent bid management system controls both CPC bids ( Google Shopping, Product Listing Ads) and delistings. We consistently track and monitor your campaign, and our integrated reporting system gives you access to performance data at any time.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile is a powerful tool for advertisers. With the right Mobile Advertising strategy you can reach your target market on different mobile devices at crucial stages of their mobile shopping experience. We implement mobile search and in-app campaigns and manage, track and optimize them to improve their performance.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Ads are one of the most effective advertising formats in a multi-channel marketing mix. We help you to identify and build target audiences that are relevant to your business goals. Our qualified team of SMA specialists will guide you through all available ad formats on Facebook, XING, LinkIn, Twitter & Co. and will help you to select the best options for you.

Search Engine Advertising / SEA

SEA is diligent work. We have developed special tools for this kind of work, to make your ad campaigns more efficient. These tools include setting up campaigns, keyword research, ad text optimization and the continuous expansion of your portfolio. As experienced campaign managers, we analyze your campaign’s data and build on that knowledge to make them even more efficient. We go the extra mile to turn visitors of your website into customers.

Web Analytics

Analyzing user behavior on your website is the first step in managing your online marketing strategy and also when optimizing your website. We offer guidance on all relevant aspects of Web Analytics. We can help you in defining relevant KPIs and also assist with the technical implementation process. Our customized tracking concepts allow you to quantify your business goals, making it easier for you to achieve them.