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    AI Content Concierge

    Optimise your AI-powered content creation process and secure competitive advantages with Peak Ace

    Large online shops and marketplaces often have extensive product catalogues that show a severe lack of unique content.

    The possibility of using large language models to create content (especially texts in great quantities) opens up entirely new possibilities for scaling SEO measures and related content, as well as the creation of titles and metadata.

    Implementation challenges

    Product texts in particular usually contain many variables, such as dimensions, prices and technical details. If these are generated from an LLM, they result in an increased effort for proofreading and fact checking, which is difficult to manage, especially for a large number of texts.

    Furthermore, it is usually not possible to simply generate the exact same data and variables via LLMs, because:

    > manufacturers and operators actively exclude crawlers,
    depriving LLMs of the information they need to generate text;

    > not all LLMs have real time data, meaning generated texts contain outdated information;

    > technical limitations, such as lazy loading, prevent the subsequent collection of information
    for content generation, even via plugins.

    We have the right solutions for automating text creation and localisation with the correct output and without need for extensive correction – and it’s fast and scalable. It’s also ideally suited for product pages, category pages and model pages in high volume.



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    • Collection of the data required in the text
    • Data preparation for further processing by LLMs
    • Prompt generation
    • Text creation
    • Automation of prompts and text outputs in the desired file format
    • Quality check


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