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    Peak Ace wins 9 2024 European Search Awards

    Last night, we were lucky enough to be in Prague for the 2024 European Search Awards – one of the biggest events in the industry calendar! The ceremony took place in the Municipal House, an incredible Art Nouveau building built in the 1900s, which was the perfect venue for such an exciting and significant ceremony for us.

    Even better than the venue, though, were the results. Throughout the course of the night, between a delicious dinner and a brilliant time meeting our fellow industry figures, we won 9 2024 European Search Awards!

    Here’s what we won at the European Search Awards:

    Our 9 awards include:

    • Best Use of Search – Retail / Ecommerce (SEO) (Large)
      Peak Ace & TUI — Shaking up a travel giant’s branding
    • Best Use of Search – Retail / Ecommerce (PPC) (Large)
      Peak Ace & Leatherman — The sharpest tools in your pocket – carving out a multi-channel strategy
    • Best Use of Search – Travel / Leisure (SEO) (Large)
      Peak Ace & TUI — Shaking up a travel giant’s branding
    • Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO) (Large)
      Peak Ace & TUI — Shaking up a travel giant’s branding
    • Best Integrated Campaign (Large)
      Peak Ace & Leatherman — The sharpest tools in your pocket – carving out a multi-channel strategy
    • Most Innovative Campaign (SEO) (Large)
      Peak Ace & AutoScout24 — Future-proofing automotive content
    • Best SEO Campaign (Large)
      Peak Ace & TUI — Shaking up a travel giant’s branding
    • Best Pan European Campaign (Large)
      Peak Ace & Leatherman — The sharpest tools in your pocket – carving out a multi-channel strategy
    • Best Use of Social Media in a Search Campaign (Large)
      Peak Ace & Leatherman — The sharpest tools in your pocket – carving out a multi-channel strategy

    Bastian Grimm, Peak Ace CEO, said of the wins:

    “We are delighted with the results of last night’s ceremony. Our hardworking teams have worked brilliantly on these campaigns and are a credit to Peak Ace. I’m grateful to them and to our brilliant clients for putting their trust in us! Thank you Don’t Panic Events, and congratulations to all our fellow winners!”

    The main event

    We arrived at the Municipal House at 6pm in time for the event to begin. After a lovely drinks reception and the welcome speeches, everyone settled down at their tables and waited with bated breath for the winners of the night to be announced.

    At 7pm, we got what we were waiting for. In the first half of the awards announcements, we secured 4 awards before dinner was served! Next was a break for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious menu, including a main course of sous-vide pork tenderloin, or an equally delicious roasted pumpkin fettucine for the vegetarians among us.

    Just before ten o’clock, the second half of the awards announcements kicked off. In this exciting part, we collected another 5 awards!

    Over the moon with our wins, all that was left to do was take a couple of group photos and start to party the night away!

    Our award-winning campaigns

    Peak Ace & AutoScout24: Future-proofing automotive content

    AutoScout24 partnered with us with the goal to bring car buyers to the platform through high-quality content. We aimed to increase organic traffic on transactional keywords, position AutoScout24 in the electric vehicle industry, and adapt to industry changes in search to adapt the existing website content and create a lot more – optimised, of course, for results.

    From keyword set definition and clustering, to competitor and SGE analysis, to the creation of the content itself, we implemented our strategy in a short time frame (with all our editorial managers involved) ultimately publishing 1,050 content pieces in six months.

    Our skills and expertise combined with meticulous planning outperformed our goals, achieving significant growth. We increased clicks on vehicle type pages and guidebooks, increasing their visibility too, and strengthened the model pages’ relevance. Sistrix visibility also grew! This project stands out for being entirely content driven, without any additional technical SEO updates, changes or strategies involved, and the outcomes reflect genuine success, achieved through careful strategy and skillful implementation. 

    Most importantly, our client was happy: 

    “In collaboration with Peak Ace AG, we have revamped our content marketing strategy. Their exceptional professionalism and deep understanding of our customer needs are evident in their skilled execution of strategies. Peak Ace leverages state-of-the-art technology and generously shares their profound expertise with us. Together, we foster creativity and proactively embrace SEO industry trends with a forward-thinking approach. Our partnership with Peak Ace AG not only elevates our content marketing but also drive our success as a team.”

    Peak Ace & TUI: Shaking up a travel giant’s branding

    We defined three main targets with TUI: The first target was to strengthen the backlink profile, the second was to boost traffic and rankings, and the third was to increase brand awareness. 

    We have 5 strategic pillars for our data-based digital PR strategy, including topic clustering, SEO-optimisation and hero campaigns, and a cross-channel approach. Ultimately we implemented 18 content marketing campaigns within a year and reached a broad audience in prestigious news outlets thanks to proven concepts and our cross-departmental collaboration. Despite challenges regarding a too product-oriented campaign and unforeseeable natural disasters that disrupted the travel industry, we overperformed on our goals.  

    Our hard work payed off and earned us backlinks from major earned media channels and high-quality news outlets were convinced by our unique campaigns! Generating backlinks from referring domains with high trust metrics enabled us to profit from link equity and give our keywords the necessary push to outperform competitors and strengthen rankings. 

    And the feedback from our client was fantastic: 

    “Navigating the post-COVID travel landscape was a challenge across the industry, and TUI was no exception to this, but with Peak Ace it became an opportunity for transformative new projects. Their content marketing and SEO teams met our agreed-on targets and were always there to provide in-depth knowledge with their driven hands-on approach. Our collaboration evolved to a partnership based on trust, know-how and success. In this collaboration with
    Peak Ace we turned challenges into triumphs.”

    Peak Ace & Leatherman: The sharpest tools in your pocket – carving out a multi-channel strategy

    The main objective was to achieve a high revenue target in 2023 while maintaining specific ROAS depending on the market and the channel. As a secondary objective, the client wanted to increase their brand awareness, especially in less established markets (e.g., Italy, Spain) and new customer acquisition.

    A full-funnel approach was necessary to increase sales, boost new customer acquisition and nurture existing customers. Not only did we expand into PPC upper-funnel activities by activating Display and Performance Max (PMax) campaigns, but we also utilised different Meta campaign types for presence throughout the user journey. With a couple of other strategic moves, our plan was up and running.

    We overdelivered on all our goals and gained new customers while doing it. We earned significantly more than our revenue goal and achieved the same for our ROAS goal.  Through clever creative and data integration across channels – and the utilisation of automation through KNIME and scripts – we effectively implemented a muti-channel approach that ensured success and excellent results in profitability and new customer acquisition. 

    And the feedback from our client was fantastic: 

    Peak Ace’s innovative approach, particularly their utilization of PMax with past purchaser exclusion, has been instrumental in our success. Through their strategic guidance, we not only surpassed revenue targets and achieved remarkable ROAS, but also gained a significant influx of new clients, propelling our business to new heights.”​​

    About the European Search Awards

    The European Search Awards reward and celebrate the very best companies and people working in PPC, SEO, and Content Marketing across a variety of business sectors, in a shifting digital landscape which inspires innovation, creativity and connectivity. 

    Emily Wilson

    is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Peak Ace. She joined the company in 2021 and works in the Berlin office. When she isn’t writing for our blog, Emily enjoys travelling, writing, and working on craft projects.