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    Peak Ace & SEMrush release free online technical SEO course

    Want to better understand how to manage crawling and indexing? Keen to optimise your site performance, learn about hreflang, redirects and canonical tags as well as which tools you shouldn’t overlook if you want to be at the top of your technical SEO game?

    Then look no further. Our Director of Organic Search, Bastian Grimm, has teamed up with the search intelligence specialists at SEMrush to create an in-depth “Technical SEO Course” for beginners and specialists alike. And what’s more? It’s completely free to participate.

    15 years of experience, 5 hours of free lessons

    With more than 15 years experience in online marketing and large-scale international SEO, Bastian has helped create 34 lessons as part of the SEMrush Academy to spread the gospel of technical SEO. Comprising over 5 hours of free lessons, consultants, agency employees, novices and SEO pros alike are guaranteed to find Bastian’s teachings beneficial.

    Let Bastian introduce his course to you, personally:

    Optimise your technical SEO expertise across 8 modules

    Taking place over the course of 8 modules, everything from improving internal linking, crawling, indexing, HTTP response codes and log files to applying the best strategies for international SEO, web performance and choosing the best SEO tech tools is discussed by Bastian at length.

    If you need any further encouragement to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to exponentially increase your technical SEO knowledge, just check out the enthusiastic feedback from Bastian’s first SEMrush Academy students:

    Emily Wilson

    is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Peak Ace. She joined the company in 2021 and works in the Berlin office. When she isn’t writing for our blog, Emily enjoys travelling, writing, and working on craft projects.