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    Google Search Generative Experience:
    How do you perform?

    Leverage the power of Google's new AI-generated snapshot to rank at the top of search results.

    Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) represents a potential paradigm shift in search. One significant observation is that the sites displayed in the AI snapshot carousel differ from the classic search results. This could impact online businesses in all industries, as being top-ranked in traditional search might not guarantee prominence in AI-driven results. 

    As SGE evolves, understanding its mechanics will be crucial for online businesses to maintain visibility and relevance in search results. 


    Excited to find out how your brand appears in Google’s SGE?

    SGE assessment

    Our comprehensive SGE assessment includes a quantitative and qualitative snapshot analysis based on a pre-agreed keyword set (either provided by you/your team or suggested by Peak Ace).


    Quantitative top carousel analysis:


    Comparing your SGE visibility against market competitors: 

    • Who gets displayed in the SGE top carousel? 
    • Which competitors are listed most often?  
    • Which competitors are listed less often? 


    Qualitative snapshot evaluation:


    Snapshot general user experience assessment: 

    • How do your products and/or services appear in the SGE snapshot?
    • Which SERP Features get triggered? (local pack, product cards, knowledge graph, etc.)
    • How is the overall user experience?

    Snapshot content quality analysis: 

    • Based on Google’s helpful content criteria, such as: 
      • Does the content serve user intent? 
      • Does the content provide original information, reporting, research, or analysis? 
      • Does the content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond the obvious? 
      • Are there major differences compared to top performing content in organic search?  

    Snapshot source evaluation: 

    • Which sources are cited in the snapshot compared to traditional organic search results?
    • Are there major differences to top-performing sources in organic search?  

    Conversational search evaluation: 

    • Which follow-up questions get triggered? 
    • Are those questions helpful and do they serve user intent?
    • Are there major differences to PAA in organic search?


    Click behaviour estimation: 


    • Estimation of expected click increases (or decreases) in SGE based on organic search performance for a selected keyword set.


    Choose the SGE assessment for your needs

    Whether you are looking for a general overview or detailed insights into your own SGE performance – we’ve got you covered with two individual packages.

    Get a quote for your personalised Google SGE assessment

    Want to know more about securing and future-proofing your spot at the top of the Google search results? Feel free to contact us.

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