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    Peak Ace on Air Episode #19: Successful content localisation – more than just a translation

    October 6th saw us air our long-awaited episode of Peak Ace on Air covering successful content localisation. Translation is one thing – but localisation is a much more complicated beast.

    Domi summarised all the elements you need to consider for effective localisation, touching on questions such as:

    • What does content localisation actually mean?
    • Why it is worthwhile?
    • What is the content localisation process?
    • What types of content are and aren’t fit to be localised?

    Below you can find the full presentation:

    Next week, Bastian and Domi will cover Resignal’s UK e-commerce SEO report, and the week after that, international outreach: the tips, tricks and fails!

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    Emily Wilson

    is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Peak Ace. She joined the company in 2021 and works in the Berlin office. When she isn’t writing for our blog, Emily enjoys travelling, writing, and working on craft projects.