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The Peak Ace Academy

Our unique approach to learning & development 

A cornerstone of Peak Ace, the Peak Ace Academy is our internal online learning platform and training programme. We launched the academy years ago, seeking to better structure our teams’ collective knowledge and to empower our Peak Acers to deliver excellence from day one. 

Available to Peak Acers throughout their time at the agency, the academy is an essential part of advancement through the company. Because of this, PA Academy is available to newbies, managers and department heads. The completion of training modules paves the path up through the company, and there is no level of Peak Ace where we are not constantly encouraging growth, learning and development.  

What does it involve?  

The academy combines self-guided courses with formal training sessions, videos, presentations and much more. Peak Acers at all levels benefit from up to 16 hours of education a month, with access to over 14,600 academy slides and 110 hours of video material

And, of course, the programme is tailored to each Peak Acer!   

What happens afterwards? 

The focus of the training is not to build up to a make-or-break exam. The academy modules can always be repeated and referred to later, or supported with further modules. For those seeking to advance within the company, the academy can be a pathway to promotion, with seniority tests to gauge expertise level.    

When our Peak Acers finish the programme, they are better equipped to work on client projects and tasks and are more empowered to work within the company. The support, of course, remains strong, and the academy provides the footing for further education in the workplace later on.  

The PPC Academy 

Our one-year training programme for trainees and juniors on the PPC Team takes them through a structured skill-building process.

The academy covers a range of PPC topics, including

  • search  
  • display 
  • shopping  
  • reporting 
  • data visualisation 
  • client communication 
  • Excel 
  • And more 

This project is updated continuously so that the most current information is always available. The PPC Team also launched a best practices guide, which includes guidelines and settings for the optimal campaign structure, how to write the best ad copy, naming conventions for our campaigns, common pitfalls, how to keep up with Google updates and more.  

The Organic Search Academy 

Peak Ace’s SEO and CM training programme provides a grounding in the core principles and how they are applied. Useful at any level of understanding, the course is designed to be accessible to all our Peak Acers no matter their direct involvement with SEO. (If you want effective SEO on your website, you will want the copywriters and the web developers to also know what they are doing and why it’s important!) 

The organic search training focuses on: 

  • Google updates and how to keep up with them 
  • introduction to organic search 
  • competitor analysis 
  • keyword analysis 
  • technical SEO basics 
  • web performance best practices 
  • guidance on crawling, indexing and more 
Bastian’s technical SEO course

The Social Media Academy 

Managing a follower community and creating a corporate social media identity require more expertise than just having your own Facebook profile. That’s why Peak Ace provides a thorough education in all things social media.  

The Social Media academy includes training in:  

  • Facebook and Instagram advertising  
  • community management  
  • crisis management  
  • social media strategy  
  • social media calendars  

Peak Ace Academy and You

We’re always looking to grow and diversify the development opportunities we offer to our Peak Acers, with funding and planning dedicated to workshops and conferences outside of the office too. It’s truly an environment where no one stops learning!

If that’s something that would suit you, we’d love to hear from you – check out our list of vacancies to find out where you might fit in at Peak Ace.    

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