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Technical SEO - Because details are important

Are you looking for a partner in the area of technical SEO? Would you like to identify possible vulnerabilities of your website during an initial search? We are happy to help.

The aim of technical SEO is to structure a web page so that search engines can process it easily. We will put our know-how and analysis tools to good use in order to help you implement an improved, cleaner site structure. This ensures cutting edge website optimization on a technical level.

Are you looking for a specialist in technical SEO? Do you want to update your website to the latest in SEO technology? Do you believe that your internal linking has even more potential? Perhaps you want a clean and efficient page structure to improve your website’s loading time or are  interested in AMP/App Indexing. We can assist with all technical SEO topics.

Analyze and optimize your site structure.

An excellent site structure is the foundation for optimal results in organic search. It is important to use extensive data analysis to detect the crawling behavior of the domain and then take action to control the crawl budget of the domain. The goal is to make the information architecture logical, comprehensible, and accessible for the search engine crawlers. This is the only way to ensure that Google can use your domain to find the correct content and index it. We can help!

Optimize internal linking: Keep important content prioritized and easily accessible.

Technical SEO includes the optimization of internal linking. It connects to published content and enables prioritization. Good internal linking is crucial to the technical optimization of a website. We are here to help with our tool kit and know-how.

Indexing Management: Only index what really counts!

Accurate indexing management plays an important role in search engine optimization. Indexing management controls precisely which content is deemed relevant for organic search and which is not. As the size of a domain increases, new content is often no longer indexed. It is therefore an important aspect of search engine optimization to regularly monitor and control which content is determined relevant for organic search.

Optimize loading speed: Ensure that your site is as fast as expected.

The rise of mobile search queries brings the issue of loading speed to the forefront. We are especially qualified to advise in this case thanks to our many years of experience in the area. Through targeted measures (eg. data compression, reducing inquiries and volume of data to the server, pre-loading, fetching, etc.), we optimize the loading speed of your domain in collaboration with your IT department. The goal is to provide your users the most important functions of your website as quickly as possible, enabling interaction at the earliest possible moment. It would certainly be a shame to lose a visitor who’s clicked on your search result before he was really on your domain due to an excessive loading time.

App indexing

The aim of the app indexing is to have the contents of an app directly included in the organic search results. This concept offers many app providers new ways to drive relevant traffic directly to their apps but also demands that the content of the app be appropriately relevant. We help you determine whether app indexing is appropriate for you and the conditions that must be met. We further support you in developing and implementing your concept.

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

The newly introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) presents an exciting opportunity to better structure your content for mobile search and further increase the traffic potential of your website. AMP is an open source initiative provided to websites so that they load faster even with slow network connections on mobile devices. If you are interested in an implementation of the AMP concept, we will gladly be of service.

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