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Product Data Marketing at the highest level

Holistic product marketing strategy - from optimized product feeds to selecting relevant distribution channels

Product Data Marketing has become an indispensable tool in the online marketing strategy of any e-commerce retailer. Optimizing product feeds as well as performance-based distribution to virtually any available comparison site such as Google Shopping or Ladenzeile & Co. allow you to quickly and efficiently reach new customers with your products.

Product Search Engines, also called price comparison sites, are an increasingly important segment of the online marketing mix for mail order companies. In a 2011 study KPMG reported that 46% of respondents used a price comparison site while searching for products online. Google also confirms the trend and has begun strengthening its own shopping comparison product “Google Shopping” within its search results through Universal Search Expand and Product Listing Ads. The clearest of signals is that the previously free listings of Google are now at cost for all traders since April 2013.

Price comparison sites have developed a “pure comparison of the cheapest price” system designed to assess the quality of the data delivered to users (Feed). Simply supplying the two or three big players a large data feed of your products is by no means sufficient. The variety of price comparison engines is vast: In the various verticals (fashion, technology, etc.) players are positioning themselves as powerful specialty providers, and not all products work equally well on different shopping engines. What can be said about the similarities of the price comparison sites: They have extensive, complex, and differing requirements for an optimal product data feed.

With us, you’ll merely have to provide a total export of all required product data from your shop system, and we’ll create the ideal product data feed for all of the desired shopping engines. We manage your product-level campaigns like all others: entirely success-oriented and with measurable results. Our Bid Mangement System can manage CPC bids (Google Shopping, PLA) or delist products (Idealo, cheaply, etc.) which would otherwise have a negative impact within the respective Product Search Engines.

Whether you already list your products in shopping engines or would like to start using this sales channel, let us help you with your product campaigns for maximum performance!

Our Product Data Services:

  • Design and implementation of an integrated product marketing strategy: From the selection of relevant product search engines, the creation of optimized product data feeds, their distribution and regular upkeep and performance-oriented data enhancement, to algorithm-based Bid and Listing Management. We offer everything from one source.
  • Use of our internally developed software solutions for feed preparation and optimization: data enrichment and feed quality optimization, fully automated intelligent Bid Management System / delisting, Product Listing Ads campaign generator, campaign tracking and reporting tool.
  • Permanent monitoring of your feed for errors, data quality and policy compliance
  • Your central connection to the product portals. We take care of communication with the appropriate shopping engines.
  • Tracking and Reports: Design and implementation of relevant reports and information for associated and affiliated departments, employees and managementTransparent and flexible billing based on your needs: Performance-based (budget-based) or hourly-based billing, short contract periods / notice periods and test phases, as well as no set-up costs when requested

Want to find out how Peak Ace can help you? We would be happy to provide you specific feedback on your website at no cost and with no commitments. We’ll provide you an honest assessment and tell you what results you can expect. Contact us!

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