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    Peak Ace Wins 8 European Agency Awards!

    We’re so pleased to let you know that Peak Ace won big at the European Agency Awards 2021, taking home 8 different awards!

    We won 3 Campaign Awards, including:

    • Best PPC Campaign with TIMOCOM (Rebuilding Paid Search from Lisbon to Moscow)
    • Best Marketing Campaign with Pool Chlor Shop (Swimming against the COVID-19 tide)
    • Best Pan European Campaign with TIMOCOM (Rebuilding Paid Search from Lisbon to Moscow)

    And 5 Agency Awards, including:

    • SEO Agency of the Year 
    • PPC Agency of the Year
    • Integrated Search Agency of the Year  
    • Marketing Agency of the Year 
    • Integrated Agency of the Year 

    The European Agency Awards are a prestigious set of awards that welcome creatives, designers, marketers and advertisers (that’s us!) as well as PR firms and other digital companies. It’s an honour to be recognised by them this year, especially since it means that we can continue our great history with these awards (last year we took home five, so we’re hoping we can continue our winning streak into the future!).

    Peak Ace CEO Bastian Grimm says of the news:

    We’re thrilled to be recognised again by the European Agency Awards this year. A huge thanks goes out both to our clients for their collaboration and to the Peak Acers who make our agency what it is.

    Our winning campaigns in focus

    Want to know more about why we won? Here’s a bit more behind the scenes info on the campaigns we ran with TIMOCOM, Pool Chlor Shop and Zava med.

    Peak Ace and Pool-Chlor-Shop – Swimming against the COVID-19 tide

    Pool-Chlor-Shop is a German swimming pool supplies shop, which, unlike many other businesses, became more popular among consumers during lockdown. This made our work with them even more exciting and made the project even more unique.

    The campaign aimed to attract (even more) new customers, improve the customer satisfaction rate, and work on security-related technical features. It went swimmingly! Using PPC campaigns CRO-optimised landing pages, and cookie consent opt-in banners, our team seized the growing pool-supply market by the horns and won a huge increase in customers. What else did we achieve, you ask? Well, our work also boosted click coverage to 120% above peer group average and increased revenue by 131% YoY.

    However, we didn’t do it alone. The trust and collaboration of our client also helped ensure the success of our teams. Robert Dicke, CEO of Pool Chlor Shop GbR, said:

    2020 was a record-breaking year for us – we’re looking forward to breaking another one with Peak Ace this year!

    Peak Ace and TIMOCOM – Rebuilding Paid Search from Lisbon to Moscow

    TIMOCOM is Europe’s leading procurement platform for transport contracts, and we were delighted to help them rejuvenate their paid search channel.

    Using a detailed audit of TIMOM’s campaigns, we got to work on a killer strategy that included the localisation of languages, the implementation of a new site structure, and the utilisation of digital analytics to boost conversions.

    This hard work resulted in hard-won reward. We structured campaigns for 24 languages – campaigns that are now live in 28 countries! In total, we ran 831 successful campaigns in 7,099 ad groups. What a win.

    It was also thanks to our client’s support and trust that all this was possible. TIMOCOM said of the partnership:

    Both operationally and in terms of consulting, Peak Ace shows us new ways to get even more out of our PPC campaigns.

    That’s a job well done!

    Congratulations to all our fellow nominees and award winners!

    Emily Wilson

    is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Peak Ace. She joined the company in 2021 and works in the Berlin office. When she isn’t writing for our blog, Emily enjoys travelling, writing, and working on craft projects.