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    Onboarding at Peak Ace: Your first day as a Peak Acer

    Our successful and continuously evolving onboarding process creates a hands-on onboarding experience for you as a new Peak Acer. The beginning of each new month at Peak Ace brings with it the start of new projects and campaigns, plenty of exciting new tasks and, often, a group of new Peak Acers. Maybe one day you’ll be one of them!

    Read on to find out how and why you could (and should) join us!

    The onboarding begins…

    So, you’ve gone through your successful application process and had the initial getting-to-know-you chats. What comes next? We take the wheel! We’re beyond excited to welcome you to our office for your onboarding.

    With your bag packed full of motivation (and probably a bit of excitement – who could blame you?) you ring our doorbell at Leuschnerdamm.

    On the other side of the door, our HR team and your future colleagues are ready and waiting in the office to greet you.

    What awaits you on your first day?

    We can already promise you one thing: Your first day is going to be jam-packed with an exciting program that will get you caught up on all the interesting things you need to know. Don’t worry, though. Before the day really gets going we’ll take a little time out to have a coffee and get to know each other. After all, this trusted daily ritual has to be extensively tested too. How else will you know whether your future faithful companion will be a latte or a cappuccino – or a cup of hot tea?

    Once this is done, we go to one of our state-of-the-art meeting rooms to dive into the rich story of Peak Ace. Since we started in 2007, we’ve climbed many peaks and celebrated many successes and we think it’s important that you’re caught up on them! As a new starter, this is also your opportunity to get a complete overview of the Peak Ace structure. You also learn about our Corporate Values, which will give you a great insight into what Peak Ace is all about and hopefully make you feel welcomed.

    The most valuable thing you can do during your onboarding is ask questions, questions, questions. We’re here to help you with anything you’d like to know.

    But that’s not all – onboarding highlights for new Peak Acers

    • Enjoy introductory presentations from our specialist departments for ultimate understanding from day one
    • Get set up with all your technical equipment and learn how it works with our IT Onboarding
    • Enjoy a guided tour of our office – with over 2,000 square metres of space, there’s plenty to explore
    • Take part in workshops covering all the relevant tools for your workday
    • Enjoy a team lunch and after work drink with your Team Lead and Mentor
    • Learn about the employee journey at Peak Ace

    Introduction to our specialist departments

    Introductions to our specialist departments – Paid (SEA & PSA), Organic (SEO & Content Marketing) and Marketing Technology – are a set part of your first work day. These introductions will allow you to begin to get a picture of how things work at Peak Ace. Our experts come from their different teams to present the core of their work and responsibility and explain the essentials of their disciplines with ease.

    The experts also share case studies of customer projects to give some practical insight into what the department do day-to-day. As a new colleague, you will benefit from these introductory sessions in the long term. They provide you with a basic understanding of all our services right from the start and show how our departments work successfully together.

    (Almost) nothing can work without the correct equipment

    Technical onboarding through our IT department, as well as an introduction to our more important systems and tools, is a key part of our onboarding day. Nothing is more frustrating than when technology doesn’t want to play ball! Our IT Team will take the time to answer all of your individual questions, but they’re also available to provide advice and support beyond the onboarding event.

    We believe in the spirit of learning by doing. This is why, from your very first day, you can actively learn about our systems through a series of internal workshops on our tools.

    Good to know: Our IT Bar is open from 9am to 5pm! Drop by if you have any technical questions, issues or concerns.

    Get to know Peak Acers, meeting rooms, and our Peak Ace story – all in over 2,000 square metres

    Excitement crackles through the air when our new starters step into office as Peak Acers for the very first time. Heads turn as they begin to explore our two floors with the HR Team! And it isn’t just our new colleagues who are excited – everyone at Peak Ace looks forward to welcoming their new team members.

    During the eventful tour through our office, you can expect interesting conversations, insights into our fantastic meeting rooms (“wow” moment guaranteed) as well as an overview of the most important spots in the office that every employee should know.

    The way to a Peak Acer’s heart is through their stomach

    Your tour comes to an end at the heart of our office – the food service counter. From Monday to Friday, our colleagues look forward to lunchtime breaks full of culinary delights. Our food is freshly and lovingly prepared by our expert kitchen team and free for employees. It goes without saying that on your first day we will also enjoy our lunch break together, with great food.

    Throughout your first week (and beyond) you can look forward to eating lunch with your colleagues. When the weather is good, you can even take your lunch out to the Engelbecken, which has one of the most beautiful views in Berlin. Your exciting first day will end with an after-work drink with your team lead, your mentor, and your fellow Peak Acers.

    Cheers, and welcome to Peak Ace!

    Here’s how your onboarding continues beyond Day 1 …

    Finally, the time has come. After finishing your exciting onboarding program, you’ll join the team on your second day. On day 2, the first thing on the agenda is getting to know each other better!

    Your individual onboarding plan, which we have already designed and created for you in advance, will serve as a roadmap for the beginning of your journey at Peak Ace. Through the first days and weeks you’ll be expertly guided so that you know exactly where the journey will take you and what your first steps at Peak Ace will look like.

    You can also look forward to numerous training sessions with our internal experts through the Peak Ace Academy. These sessions are carefully crafted to tie into your individual existing level of knowledge.

    If you need anything else, just get in touch! We are always open to talking about your individual goals and wishes.

    Quickly feel at home with our mentoring program

    We have many fresh starts in life. They’re exciting, and can sometimes be intimidating, but with us you’re never on your own! From day 1, your mentor will guide you through the onboarding phase and support you with any questions that arise. If they don’t have the answer themselves, they’ll know exactly who you can turn to with your concerns.

    The core of our mentoring program is inducting and integrating you into the team through regular exchanges and the communication of our corporate values. Throughout the process, your team lead and your mentor will both be there as points of contact for anything that arises, including challenges and questions you might face.

    Our HR Team is here for you!

    Don’t worry if some questions have only come up after your original onboarding! Our HR Team is always here and happy to answer your questions at any time. The team will also share all your onboarding materials with you, including plans for follow-up sessions on selected topics. You’ll never be alone in navigating the Peak Ace landscape. As your first month at Peak Ace comes to an end, you can count on another meeting with the onboarding team to review your first month together, share feedback, and update each other on what you’ve learned.

    Here’s what new Peak Acers have to say about onboarding and mentoring:

    Before my first day at Peak Ace, I had no real idea what to expect – but any skepticism I had quickly faded: Through the joint onboarding with other new starters and the personal rounds of introductions in the individual departments, I felt well taken care of from the very first day. My mentor was also on hand to answer any questions that arose after the general onboarding process had been completed.

    Yannick Papenfuß, Content Marketing Trainee

    The onboarding was very professional and well organised, from the clarification of formalities and the provision of hardware to the presentation of the company values and individual departments. At the end, there was a relaxed get-together with the other new colleagues. I felt like I was in good hands right from the start! In addition, I know that if I have any questions, if I’m uncertain about anything, or if I have any suggestions, I can approach my mentor at any time and discuss them with her.

    Alessandra Prinz, Digital PR & Outreach Manager

    The onboarding was a very nice experience. We got a thorough introduction to all aspects of the company on our first day, and in the next days we were introduced to our teams and clients. Everyone was very friendly, open and helpful.

    Sytske ten Hoor, PPC Manager

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      Emily Wilson

      is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Peak Ace. She joined the company in 2021 and works in the Berlin office. When she isn’t writing for our blog, Emily enjoys travelling, writing, and working on craft projects.