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    Delivering Performance – even in the time of corona: keep thriving online with Peak Ace

    As for everyone, everywhere, COVID-19 has meant that we at Peak Ace have had to make a few sudden changes. We, like many of you, have cancelled or postponed in-person meetings, events and on-site client appointments, to put the health of our clients and employees first. That’s why our entire company has been working from home since mid-March. It’s certainly been an upheaval, but our staff are all adapting brilliantly.

    So, if you’re worrying about going without our expertise in this trying time – you don’t have to! We are now just as ever 100% by your side (digitally), offering all our same performance marketing services and assistance.

    Save time and money with digital appointments

    Our secure and efficient remote working technology enables our experts to conduct all appointments virtually. Analyses, workshops, presentations of performance reviews, content ideas and format suggestions, can all be held digitally via web meetings and screen sharing. This actually shortens the communication chain, so you are always kept to date and able to find out the latest without leaving home.

    Another advantage? While personal appointments usually require longer planning and sometimes involve business trips, web meetings can be arranged and implemented at short notice. Cut down on time spent planning, while maintaining the same level of service and lower costs – after all, time is money!

    Digital accessibility: anytime, anywhere

    Cancel upcoming appointments? Don’t bother. Our smart digital solutions mean we can adapt to your schedule. We prefer to use the teleconferencing tool Zoom, but we are completely flexible – we are happy to use the tool of your choice, e.g. GoToMeeting or Skype. Just let us know what fits you best.

    Performance marketing: more important than ever before!

    One impact of COVID-19 experienced by many companies is that your day-to-day business has become much more limited, as you cannot access the same resources you used before. With our wide range of performance marketing services, we can help you to continue running your business successfully during the crisis. We are happy to support you with the following services:

    Performance Advertising (SEA) – We reach your customers with smart search, display and shopping campaigns – plus targeted remarketing ads!

    Paid Social Advertising – We’ll show you how you can most effectively address your target group on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, using social media as a powerful extra sales channel.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation – With a concept expertly tailored to your needs, we optimise the user experience on your website, ensuring a long-term boost to your conversion rate.

    Marketing Technology – Better understand your users with a high-tech tracking setup. We gather extensive and essential data and present it to you simply and beautifully.

    SEO – We develop a customised, integrated on- and off-page strategy for you, to steadily improve your Google ranking.

    Performance Content Marketing – Creative content pieces to inspire your target audience: we take you from strategy to idea generation to a fully-fledged campaign.

    Marketing tools to see you through the crisis

    Successful performance marketing always requires flexibility and a high degree of adaptability. That’s why we are prepared for the challenges of promoting a business or product during the COVID-19 crisis. We monitor changes in search behaviour and media for you:

    • How often do your customers search during the crisis, and what for?
    • What kind of content is relevant for users now?
    • Are certain performance marketing channels becoming more important?

    No matter what your performance marketing needs are, we offer services and recommendations based on well-founded insights and extensive data. We continuously observe new developments and identify marketing potential for your business during the crisis.

    Keen to get back on track in the post-corona era? Our experts will be happy to take you through what opportunities are available to you, within a wide range of scenarios. We will develop a strategy to put you in the strongest position possible against the changes COVID-19 may make to the performance marketing world.

    Stay flexible with Peak Ace

    Our 100% remote services mean we are still there for you, whenever you need us!

    Contact us or get in touch with your direct contact person to discuss possible alternatives to your current service and conceive new strategies for the next few months. Take advantage of our flexibility to shift existing services to other markets or channels where necessary.

    In times like these, we don’t want to add to the disruption and uncertainty – you can count on Peak Ace for stable and successful service.

    Emily Wilson

    is a Marketing and Communications Manager at Peak Ace. She joined the company in 2021 and works in the Berlin office. When she isn’t writing for our blog, Emily enjoys travelling, writing, and working on craft projects.