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Google Analytics 360 – The high performance, integrated control tool for all your online marketing campaigns

Gain access to high-value, in-depth data and advanced analytic functions across all your ad channels, with Google Marketing Platform (former DoubleClick), Google’s BigQuery and other expert tools.

The key to every digital marketing program is the measurement of results so as to optimise the coordination of individual operations. Google Analytics 360 functions as a central controlling hub for numerous performance marketing programs by collecting data at several intersections throughout the current customer journey. Consequently, profound insight into user behaviour can be collated, which can dramatically improve the impact of your marketing in the long term.

  • Marketing Platform integration Native data transfer & performance comparison thanks to their close connection.  
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  • Data-driven analysisSpecific attribution of ad channel performance based on individual data.
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  • Professional 24h support Technical support for general advice or troubleshooting.
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What additional benefits does Google Analytics 360 offer?

Google Analytics 360 is the leading tool for digital analysis, customised to the needs of different companies. It is possible to detect positive and negative influences on the customer journey faster through the native integration of other Google solutions as well as advanced applications such as BigQuery, Marketing Platform or Google Play.

Personalise data collection to your needs with significantly more “custom metrics”. These allow you to include your specific data into Google Analytics.

More than just the standard – your distinct
advantages with Google Analytics 360

Monthly limits 50+m hits in 30 days Up to 10m hits in 30 days
Currentness of data Max. 4h 24-48h
Service level data collection 99,9% Unavailable
Unsampled reports and API Yes No
User-defined dimensions/metrics 200/200 per property 20/20 per property
Calculating metrics 50+ per data view 5 per data view
User defined ad hoc funnel Yes No
Data-based attribution Yes No
Maximum data export 3m lines 50,000 lines
BigQuery integration Yes No
Marketing Platform integration Yes No
Collective reports Yes No

Digital analytics at Peak Ace

Having performed a comprehensive user behaviour analysis on your website, we lay the foundation for informed optimisation and effective improvement of all online marketing measures. We support you in all aspects of your work, beginning with the definition and implementation of goals, through tracking concepts to data interpretation. By analysing existing visitor streams, we can identify weaknesses and not only generate more traffic, but more potential customers too.

  • Digital Analytics

  • Optimising goals and KPIs

    Channel Performance

    Funnel analysis

    Google Optimize 360

  • External data

    Marketing Cost Data

    • User Data
    • Customer Data

  • Target audience

    Customer Journey

    Customer Lifetime

  • Tag-Management



    Google Tag Manager 360

  • Tracking

    • Video Tracking
    • Campaign Tracking
    • Forms

    • Calls
    • Point of Sale


  • Report automatisation



    Google Data Studio

Integration of Google Marketing Platform for comparable insights

Gain a comprehensive overview of your advertising performance by integrating Google Analytics 360. Don’t just observe your KPIs separately on your dashboard, put them into context with additional advertising channels for a more informed comparison.

For example, with native data transfer between Google products: Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360, Ad Manager (all formerly DoubleClick) and Google Analytics 360, you can dynamically address different target groups and adjust your bids accordingly.

Data-driven evaluation for company-specific attribution models

Whereas the standardised attribution in Google Analytics doesn’t consider your individual company context, Google Analytics 360 works directly with data from your website. Based on your conversions and user journey a specific attribution model is created for your online marketing measures.

The impact of each separate advertising channel is based on an algorithm. This means you can assign a realistic value to every sale across your advertising portfolio.

Professional Google support for urgent assistance

Google Analytics 360 provides you with around-the-clock technical support and assists you professionally with the setup of this comprehensive tool. If technical problems occur, you can always reach specialised staff who will help you find a solution quickly and directly.

Immediate support:Specialists take over the installation and assist immediately with pressing problems.

Our services in detail – the complete package from a single source

Conceptualisation and implementation of integrated web analysis strategies:

  • Planning of implementation
  • Asserting a technical integration guideline
  • Definition of relevant KPIs as well as user-friendly reports
  • On-going data interpretation

In addition, we provide specific operational recommendations for your corresponding departments, co-workers and management.

Advanced analytics integration:
intelligent use of user-defined fields and integration of Google Event Tracking as well as consulting on topics such as:

  • Multi-channel tracking
  • Advanced segment e-commerce tracking
  • Implementation of data-driven attribution
  • Conversion funnel reports

Long-standing know-how and integration knowledge:
a team of specialists qualified by Google are on-hand to advise you in the field of web analytics.

Reports based on tracking concepts:
planning and implementation of relevant, understandable, dynamic reportage for entire departments and employees as well as for management.

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