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Our Bid management – the nuts and bolts of targeted campaign management

Our software solution for your success. For optimal bids in AdWords and Bing.

Thanks to our dedicated team of 5 developers, we have our own cutting edge in-house software solution. “Biddy” allows for hourly bid adjustments. It takes into account all available data and runs effectively and accurately across all our client accounts.

In paid search, one auction establishes the Click Price and therefore positioning with all providers (Google, Bing, Facebook). To determine the value of each auction, thousands of keywords are evaluated based on many factors, such as conversion rate, value per conversion, click rate, and bounce rate, to name a few.

This means that each search or advertisement display has to be evaluated for each auction, for the value it represents in exactly this moment (keyword, time, day, month) in relation to the success (click, conversion). While this is an impossible task for humans, it is easily enabled by our algorithm-based Bid Management.

Our intelligent Bid Management optimally manages your accounts following your ROI performance criteria while taking into account differing conversion rates at various times, days of the week, particular weekdays, the day in the month as well as day in the year. Insufficient data at the keyword level is offset through inheritance and limitation by the intelligent algorithm.

To enable an immediate start despite data depth, we use data obtained through Google Conversion Tracking and, if necessary, further external data such as Telephone Tracking Data or Google Analytics data.

Our Bid Management is capable of managing successful campaigns of all sizes (multiple million CPC adjustments per hour) and in nearly all Google products. Currently bids can be managed in Google search, Google Display Network, Admob IN-APP Network and Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads).

Our Bid Management can drive your campaigns to significant performance increases. 20% reductions in costs with increasing conversion rates are common.

Our Bid Management Services:

  • Fully automated, intelligent, self learning Intraday Bid Management (multiple Optimizations per day) to performance oriented account management following your ROI/success standards.
  • Always the optimal CPC-bid, taking into account hourly data, daily data, weekday, day in month, day in year, as well as additional possible season-determined needs and trends.
  • Intelligent algorithms for data enrichment through heredity and barring algorithms even on keywords with a small amount of conversions. Available for the whole portfolio.
  • Immediate start enabled through use of Google Conversion Tracking and data enhancement through external sources such as Telephone tracking, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Our Bid Management works successfully in Google Search, Google Display Network, Admob IN-APP Network and in Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads).

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