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Amazon has become the product search engine of choice. When we search for certain products, this search usually no longer starts at Google, but increasingly starts at Amazon. According to Amazon, they have around 200 million customers in the US – of which around 95 million customers use Amazon Prime. This means that almost 60% of all Americans are customers of Amazon and around 30% use Amazon so intensively that they pay for the Amazon Prime subscription service year after year. Amazon is the marketplace of the future – and in Peak Ace you’ll have the perfect partner to grow your business and reach more customers through Amazon Advertising.

The basics

A lasting success on Amazon depends on many factors. The necessary basis is formed by flawless listings that combine highly informative content with the message that you are ahead of your competition. After your first ratings have come in organically, this can be complemented by paid ads, which generate sales in line with your ACoS (“average cost of sale”) targets while also improving your organic ranking. The goal should therefore be a cycle in which your organic and paid channels work in perfect symbiosis and drive performance to ever new heights.

What is the added value of Amazon Advertising?

Amazon currently has more than 65,000 marketplace sellers and over 350 million different products, and the trend is rising. To stand out in your niche and generate traffic that is both high enough and meets your efficiency goals, it will be important to support your organic ranking with Amazon Ads. At Peak Ace we will help you to establish this second pillar to ensure that your future success will have a solid foundation.

What are our services?

  • Automated campaign managementWhether with the help of our IT experts or external bidding tools: Gone are the days of tediously adjusting manual bids for hours on end./li>
  • Seamless reportingWith our detailed reports, you will always have an eye on the KPIs that are relevant for you without having to ask us.
  • International expansionWith our international team covering over 20 different languages, we provide you with a stepping-stone for international expansion.

Account structure with Peak Ace

Based on your product portfolio, we will build customized campaigns that combine granular structure with the highest possible reach. With this approach we guarantee that your products are shown to relevant Amazon users and create the basis for ongoing optimizations.

The different pillars of success

  • Sponsored ProductsSecure your position among the top sellers in your category and generate relevant traffic
  • Sponsored BrandsProtect your brand and generate cross-sells by presenting your product portfolio
  • Sponsored DisplayBenefit from lower-funnel traffic that is reaching new potential customers

Monitoring & adjustments

Once the new structure is live, we will continuously analyse and optimize the performance of your account. Non-performing traffic will be excluded; performing traffic will be integrated in new campaigns and refined by bid adjustments. We are supported in this by both bidding tools and our internal IT team, so that the seemingly endless manual adjustments are a thing of the past. This frees us up to spend more time focusing on finding new opportunities for you.

Reporting & Consolidation

To provide you with a quick look at your account’s performance at any time, we will visualize and share the development of the most important KPIs using Google Data Studio. According to your wishes we will keep you up to date with regular calls or emails. This both keeps us in the picture regarding any changes in performance targets and reinforces the targets we are aiming at for you.

Our services in detail


Design and implementation of a holistic performance roadmap:

  • Implementation planning
  • Defining the right KPIs and user-defined reports
  • Consistent optimization of the various account elements
  • Constant customer contact

Additionally, we can be consulted to provide detailed recommendations to relevant departments, employees, and management.


Extended Amazon services:
In addition to the standard services, we are happy to advise and support you in the following areas:

  • Creating and optimizing your Amazon Brand Store
  • Creation of coupons and/or exclusive Prime discounts as well as other Amazon-specific promotions


Many years of know-how and integration expertise:
Our team of specialists is certified by Amazon in the field of Amazon Ads.


Reports based on tracking concepts:
Conception and implementation of relevant, comprehensible, and dynamic reports for your (marketing) managers as well as management.

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