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Permanently more conversions with A/B Testing

Through continuous analysis and optimisation, we help you to determine the most powerful version of your website.

A/B Testing enables you to make well-informed, forward-looking decisions for your website development. This is undoubtedly better and more professional than making important decisions based on your gut instinct alone. We analyse your target group and their user behaviour with proven tools and reliable methods. On this basis, we initiate promising steps for the continuous improvement of your website. We will always keep you informed about the progress of the project in personal consultations.

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Full support from our team of experts

From the development of a UX-optimised concept, to complete test execution to the final developed result, you receive the complete solution from us. The default testing tool we use is AB Tasty, however, should you prefer or already work with another tool, such as Optimizely or Google Optimize, let us know, and we will use those instead.

AB TastyWe are a certified partner of the testing platform AB Tasty.

Long-term increase in sales
Through a highly conversion-oriented approach to target groups

Measurable success
Based on verified test results

Reach your goals faster
Thanks to many years of A/B testing experience

Our proven approach to A/B testing

In preparation, we discuss the conversion goals of your website and develop useful and strong hypotheses on how to achieve these goals.

During implementation, each hypothesis will be incorporated into the design as well as in copywriting according to CRO aspects and will then be set up in the testing tool. You will benefit from our many years of CRO experience across various industries.

The evaluation contains a conclusive presentation of results, which depicts the effects of the tested changes on your online performance. You will receive the strongest variant ready for integration into your website. Based on the test results, you can improve your conversion rate in no time at all.


1. Analysis
To help you achieve your conversion goals, we will identify the possible potential for improvement. Existing information on your target group, personas, web analytics and data provided on the behaviour of your users will be included in this process.

  • Analysis based on behavioural and consumer-psychological knowledge
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of user behaviour
  • Target group research using Google Analytics, Overheat, and individual surveys
2. Hypothesis
Our internal prioritisation framework provides an effective ranking of all suggestions for improvement. From the most promising idea, we formulate a clear hypothesis, which we will present to you in a personal meeting.

  • Cross-sector A/B testing experience
  • Hypothesis ranking according to resources needed and expected effect
  • Presentation of the strongest hypothesis and its prospects


3. Variants
The individual variants are the result of selective changes in design, UX or wording. We will create as many variants as necessary to validate the hypothesis.

  • Identification of target group characteristics based on the analysis’ findings
  • Highly conversion-oriented and target group-specific designs
  • Variations that match the style of your website
4. Test generation
All versions are developed in the testing tool AB Tasty, on request also in your own tool. In addition to your individual conversion goals, we will select which visitor will become a test participant and on which device.

  • Display and functionality on all common devices and browsers are guaranteed
  • Preview links to the final test variants for visualisation
  • Live testing only after your approval


5. Monitoring
During the test phase, we continuously check functionality, perfect display on all devices as well as all pre-set targets. The test runs until a valid result can be confirmed. Alternatively, the test will be completed by the end of the agreed term.

  • Quality assurance through permanent test-monitoring
  • Test-completion only with meaningful result
6. Test evaluation
All tracked metrics are evaluated and summarised to provide valid data in relation to the goals that were set initially. Finally, we will send you the fully developed winner version.

  • Detailed test results with well-founded results
  • Transmission of the developed winner version for direct implementation